HDU Signs Vs Wood Signs

Signs made of High Density Urethane better known as HDU, are far superior to wood signs.

  • HDU signs will not rot like wood
  • HDU won’t dry and crack. Even cedar signs crack and dry out over time.
  • Wood Signs twist & warp, unlike HDU which last for years
  • 100 % Waterproof

HDU signsHigh Density Urethane is a man made material perfect for signmakers, and is the best choice for any kind of outdoor or indoor display. Because high density urethane won’t crack, or warp, it is less likely to allow moisture to get below the surface and damage the paint or finish.
Wood signs, are nearly twice as heavy, and require considerable maintenance to maintain their good looks. HDU is virtually maintenance free, and only requires an occasional washing.

Whether you need signage that can withstand the blistering sun of Los Angeles, California, or the cold winter climate of Whistler BC, High Density Urethane is the material of choice.

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