Material & Process



What is HDU and why do we use it?

HDU (High density urethane/sign foam) is a is a closed-cell, rigid urethane foam board that is commonly used in dimensional signs. The benefits of using HDU for custom signs:

– Lasts Up to 10 times longer than wood

– Environmentally friendly

– Closed Cell Structure: won’t absorb moisture, will not crack, rot or peel

What goes into the making of an HDU sign?

Creating HDU signs is quite the process! We pay close attention to detail during each step. These signs take some time to produce, but result in a fantastic end product!

1. Design collaboration with customer

2. Set up file specifically for the CNC machine with specialized route paths for 3D shapes

3. Prep material for routing

4. Route signs using various bits

5. Hand carve any details (wood grain, custom shapes, etc)

6. Prime and paint chosen background colour

7. Finish by hand painting with 1shot and alphanamel paint

8. High five, box up and ship!